Pizza Hut strives for greatness in everything they do - hence the "Make It Great" tag line. One of the areas that needed a splash of greatness was their lifestyle photography. As the brand has become more relevant to millennials and young families, PH discovered that their old photography was dated and lacking the genuine connections people have while eating pizza. 
Rooted in their brand promise - greatness is the path of constant improvement - we set out to capture true-to-life photography in a process we called "Captured Greatness." 
With only 3 months and a $850,000 budget a small team of 9 started from scratch to develop content for LSM materials, internal corporate/ employee communications, print, merchandising and then some. We got over 11,000 images to prove it :)  
Special thanks to the team for the attention to detail and passion to "Make It Great"

Creative Director: Briana Wollman
Art Directors: Matt Brinker, Tayler Smith, Erin Mattingly, Kyle Zamzow
Executive Creative Director: Dino De Leon
Art Producer: Adrienne Tucker
Account Supervisor: Lindsay Weisgerber, Ashley McCormick
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