Pizza Hut Express had been going through an identity crisis and needed to update their look and feel to be consistent with the National Pizza Hut brand. The food had a lack of quality and freshness that was steering customers away from the business.
The goal was simple. Create effortlessly real photography that created appetite appeal among consumers.

The new look was so well received it began to influence the direction of our national work. It has not only revolutionized the Pizza Hut brand, but it is revolutionizing how pizza and wings are being shot. Period. Google it. No one comes close.
The peeps who made the magic happen are: 
Creative Director: Briana Wollman
Associate Creative Director: Carlos Cortinas
Art Director: Erin Mattingly
Account Supervisor: Lindsay Weisgerber
Account Supervisor: Michael Whittman
Art Producer: Adrienne Tucker
Photographer: Jack Anderson
Food Stylist: Megan
Prop Stylist: Amy
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