After doing a bit of consumer research, Pizza Hut found that they were lacking a quality hand-tossed crust. They asked us to start the new year with a big launch of their new hand-tossed pizza.
In addition, we decided it was a perfect time to re-invigorate a brands identity and tie it to their brand tone of "Make It Great". If good wasn't good enough for the crust, why should it be for the photography, design, and strategy behind the marketing of the product?
We developed a whole new approach that allowed us to CAPTURE, CONNECT and COMMIT our consumers to Pizza Hut in a whole new way. Knowing that the target of our products has shifted to a "famillennial" consumer, we understood we must meet them where they are and connect with them in a way that doesn't feel contrived, fake or forceful while still bringing value, appetite appeal and new news to this product.
Print, merchandising, packaging, email, social, employee uniforms and more were all key touch points that we created to live in harmony with the TV spots created.
Ahhhh, I love brand unity!!!
Special thanks to:
Art Directors: Erin Mattingly, Kyle Zamzow, Bonnie Lumley, Natasha Brito
Senior Art Director: Lynna Bartosh
Copy Writers: Zach Cornwell, Billy Roberts
Digital Creative Director: Manny Herrera
Print Creative Director: Briana Wollman
Account Supervisor: Lindsay Weisgerber
Account Executive: Ashley McCormmick
Art Producer: Adrienne Tucker
Print Producer: Clay Merrell
Photographer: Jack Anderson
Food Stylist: Megan

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