WingStreet - a sub-brand of Pizza Hut - was looking to break away and develop their own store fronts targeting young "eating machines", primarily millennial males. Since the brand had always associated with Pizza Hut and had little attention other than signage and a logo, we were asked to create a 360 branding campaign to launch the refreshed brand.
Everyone in the agency was encouraged to participate, but in the end the clients chose my teams work to move forward due to the personality and positioning that aligned with the light hearted, fun and genuine brand tone.
Other than keeping with the original logo design - in which we were only able to simplify and change the color palette - the rest was a blank canvas. It was a few fast and furious months of work, but we came up with some stellar packaging, launched a new website and designed every last detail down to the legal. 
Print, POP, direct mail, packaging, social, loyalty cards, employee uniforms and store wall graphics were just a few of the touch points we were able to impact.
Awarded: Creativity International GOLD Award for WingStreet Brand Packaging
Special thanks to the team:
Art Directors: Cory Say, Nathan Beasley, Scott McFadden, Erin Mattingly, Adam Holmes, Kate Canfield
Website Art Director: James Utley
Copy Writer: Sondra Healy
Creative Director: Briana Wollman
Executive Creative Director: Dino De Leon
Art Producer: Adrienne Tucker
Print Producer: Clay Merrell
Account Supervisor: Lindsay Weisgerber
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